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Wine Tours

Eno-tourism is a niche tourism segment whereby tourists with a passion for wine are given the opportunity to visit wineries, vineyards, taste wines and even purchase wine directly from the source.  This also provides visitors with an understanding of the different processes involved in wine production giving an insight into the various aspects of wine making according to the region where it is being produced.

At Ta Mena Wine Estate a typical wine tour starts with a historical introduction of wine making in the Maltese Islands, followed by a visit to our vineyards. The tour can also be extended to our winery which is only three minutes away by car. Visitors will be given the opportunity to taste the different wines produced in our boutique winery, as well as purchase wines from our retail outlet located at the wine estate.

 Throughout the wine tour visitors will be guided by our wine expert who will give first hand information about our viticulture methods, detailed information about our wines, the process of wine making and how one should taste wine to understand and enjoy it better.  The wine tasting sessions are also accompanied by some of our typical preserved food such as sundried tomato paste, capers, olives, Gozo peppered cheese-lets and some pâtés.

 During the grape harvest season visitors may also take an active part in the grape harvest and observe the wine making process in our state-of-the-art winery.