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Where Tradition is Daily Life


Modern tourism is continually changing in its attitudes. Holidaymakers are not going abroad just for the sun and the sea. They want to experience the local culture, cuisine and local wines.

We at Ta’ Mena Estate grow our own grapes to produce great wines with a particular Gozitan character. We are proud that ten of our blends have been certified as GOZO D.O.K. Wines (Certified Denomination of Origin) which is the highest wine certification for Maltese wines.

We also have two I.G.T. wines which certify that they have been produced from Gozo grown grapes.

Our wines are very delicate and well balanced. They are very fruity and full bodied, typical of our Mediterranean sunny climate and particular terroir. Actually our wines have the so called ‘Island Effect‘  presenting traces of salt on the palate.

Therefore when you are visiting Gozo come and enjoy our wines at Ta’ Mena Estate and we promise that you will not be disappointed!

Our Wines:

Marsamena White White Marsamena Red Wine Aris White Wine Juel White Wine
Arion Red Wine Zelus Red Wine Maestral Dry White Wine Gregal - Rose Wine
Tramont - Red Wine Sciroc Red Wine - Merlot - Cabernet Red Table Wine Table Wine - White